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Services booklet

It contains a short presentation of services ofered by our company: primary and financial accounting, consultancy, financial and budget auditing, assessments, etc.



Sibiu +40 269 231 696

Cluj-Napoca +40 723 347 627

Rm. Vâlcea +40 723 347 627


Our clients’ choices

The services most frequently requested by our clients are the monthly service performance contracts which integrate, on demand, accounting services and fiscal consultancy to the benefit of our clients, providing continuity and responsibility in the relationship with the Romanian public authorities.

We start from the premise that it is easier to prevent and avoid a situation than having to solve a problem that can be partly caused by bureaucracy and misinformation in public institutions, but also by legislation changes which are not anticipated in due time.

Payment methods

Aknowledging that each client and activity is unique and specific, we settle together with the client the adequate payment method and the pricing policy to best satisfy the client’s demands.

We are thus able to establish long-term relationships based on choosing some of our basic solutions:

  • providing monthly services based on a monthly service performance contract
  • performing individual services

For further information, we invite you to contact us by phone, using +40 269 231696.